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About us

Investment philosophy

The advantage of ZoomProfit is our ability to develop and profit from themes that derive from our proprietary equity and macro models.

By discerning the most interesting macro narratives behind the titles recommended by our models, we are able to instill a very effective education. It is also what, according to our customers, distinguishes us by making us unique in before in Italy and then all over the world.

This service stems from the desire to share our investment strategies and objectives for educational information, to refine the financial education of as many people as possible. (Disclaimer)

ZoomProfit's modus operandi, from which we supply information, revolves around three key elements:

  • logoMacroeconomic issues and global megatrends;

  • logoSystematic equity models oriented to value and proprietary macroeconomics, to develop our investment themes and make users aware the service about the best securities in our opinion;

  • logoHedging and diversification to distribute risk without sacrificing return objectives.

Our successes

Our investment approach has led us to successfully grasp many important economic themes.


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